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MS 6 microdosing system

The MS 6 microdosing system is used for the high-precision supply of max. 6 lubricating points (e.g. in stamping tools) or of sector lubrication systems with max. 6 sectors with forming lubricant.

Two versions of the microdosing system are available, equipped with 6 freely programmable outputs for forming lubricant and 6 microdosing pumps for connection to the lubricating points and ELS 4000 MS 6 electronic control unit. One consists of individual components for self-assembly, and one is a turnkey solution mounted on a mobile stand.

Each freely programmable output is actuated following input by the Raziol ELS 4000 MS 6 control unit in a high-precision, reproducible manner governed by the machine cycle.


Adjustment volumes of forming lubricant are in the microlitre range, enabling the application of minimum quantities (less than 0.1 g/m²) at a uniform level of quality.




 6 microdosing pumps in separate housing with 6x3 metres connection hose for lubricating points

 10 litre storage tank (pressureless) incl. filling stand monitoring

 6 freely programmable outputs

 Max. lubricant viscosity 40 mm²/s at 40°C

 Electric power supply 100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 30 W



 Signal light, orange / red

 Roller lubricator or sector lubrication system for up to 6 sectors

 Proximity switch with connector


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