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Neuigkeiten rund um Raziol:

Raziol – System supplier to the lubrication industry 

For more than 70 years, Raziol Zibulla & Sohn GmbH has been a manufacturer and supplier of lubrication systems for coil material, blanks and shaped parts, of the corresponding lubricants and of lubrication control and metering units.

Auswahlhilfen, Funktionsprinzipien, Anwendungsbeispiele

Selection guides,
functional principles,  
application examples

Selection of application unit and lubricant, depending on the production method, explanation of the functional principle, applications in practice


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Roller application (contact lubrication)

Oil mist-free application of forming lubricants to coil material and blanks


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Kontaktlose Beölung

Spray application (non-contact lubrication)

Non-contact application of forming lubricants to coil material and blanks


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Düsen und Schmierstellen

Tool lubrication (nozzle technology)

Non-contact lubrication of tools, etc. via nozzles and lubrication Points


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Metering units

Metering units

Monitor lubricant supply

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Raziol Schmierstoffe


Lubricants for all areas of non-cutting metalworking and minimum lubricant Technology


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Raziol Fluid

Raziol Fluid -
bio-degradable and mineral oil-free

Mineral oil-free, bio-degradable lubricants for non-cutting metalworking


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Über die Fa. Raziol

Who we are

Introducing Raziol Zibulla & Sohn GmbH


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